There's certainly a reason for Texas being called the Wild West.

We mean you've seen all those western shows on TV right? Most have to be sent in the Lone Star State after all. Plus, we've all seen many cowboy hats at a Texas concert right?

There are certainly places in the state that exemplify the Wild West standard. But one Lone Star Town, Bandera has the honor of being the cowboy capital of the world. So, with such an honor placed upon it, how do we truly know it is?

Thankfully, one video tells us all we need to know about the capital for cowboys in the world.

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Bandera Cowboys Have A Showdown In An Eatery

Looks like two cowboys had dispute to settle in Texas? But, what exactly was it about? Video does exist of the confrontation, as posted to Tik Tok:

Well, it certainly does track that cowboys would have issues over cows grazing right? Certainly seems heated too. Though, it seems one of the waiters at the establishment certainly had enough of the yelling at each other.

Honestly, if she hadn't chased them out of the eatery without a whip we would've certainly questioned if this video was shot in Texas too. So it was an eventful day for those eating in Bandera.

But, if you haven't caught on just yet, this is more of a performance than anything. No, there isn't an issue with cows grazing in the wrong area, nor is somebody actually chasing them out with a whip. But hey, what's wrong with a little show during lunch?

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