It's been all over the place this year; the battle to bring casinos to Texas. While some cheer at the thought, others are quick to wag a finger and nay-say the whole thing. No matter what side of the fence you may be on, you've surely seen the ads that seem to be everywhere.

The battle for casinos in Texas is heating up, and it's all I'm seeing.

If The Word Casino Leaves A Bad Taste, Try This Instead

The ads I've been seeing everywhere are for "destination resorts." To be fair, there's a lot of difference between these and your run-of-the-mill casino.

In what I consider to be a run-of-the-mill casino, you have the slot machines. Sometimes you get lucky and there's a blackjack table or four. Get even luckier, no pun intended, and there's a room where you can play poker. Hell, there might even be a place to get a Frito chili pie.

At a destination resort, and this is the important difference, you get the Vegas style resort side of the experience. There's all of the luxury amenities, including casino gaming. Along with that though come a lot of perks.

You Want Entertainment? These Things Have Entertainment.

I've seen it myself. In Oklahoma, we went to many-a-concert at a "destination resort." Then, we stayed in the extremely nice hotel. There were shops that offered everything from apparel, to a place to get your haircut.

The food is another big thing. There's usually more than one restaurant to choose from, and when I say restaurant...I mean all out great dining.

My first experience at a Gilley's was at one such place after a massive award show I attended (nominated for an award, but came home with nothing but a hangover). I didn't spend a single dime, the whole three days I was there, on gambling.

I Still Get Why Some People Have Their Reasons To Worry

Even at these nice, swanky, destination resorts there is a reminder of how wrong it can all go. I saw signs everywhere at one in particular with phone numbers and info posted about gambling addiction.

Under the sheen of fine dining and bowling alleys, there was the underbelly.

The plan, from what I've read and understand, isn't to open up casinos on every street corner. The plan is to open a few of these resort style places in Texas. While I think it would be great for Texas, I can see where some people would still have their cause for concern.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this most recent push to change things up in the Lone Star State.

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