Today is April Fools Day and people all over the world are celebrating by playing pranks on people. 

For some reason, when people celebrate April Fools, many of the pranks can be mean spirited or done to try and scare a person. The website Break, have a section called Prank It Forward to start doing pranks for a good cause. The website has received over 15,000 submissions of people who others believe deserve to be pranked with something good. Like the waitress, who also runs a nonprofit for women who suffer from eating disorders. She got the best shift at work of her life, where she received $1,000 tip, two tickets to Hawaii, an offer for a dream job and a brand new car. Or the housekeeper, who has never had a day off in her life, and started having medical problems because of her exhaustion. She was treated to an expensive 6 course meal, professional massage, a designer shopping spree and even got a new house.

In their newest video, a deserving couple get the wedding of their dreams. Not long after Mario proposed to his girlfriend Elaine, tragedy struck. Elaine was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30. Her fiancé then put his life on hold, so he could take care of her. The couple is now drowning in medical bills, and were nominated for Prank It Forward. Check out this heartwarming video, for a very deserving couple. If you would like to nominate someone to be on Prank It Forward, check out their nomination section.

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