A newly discovered picture may be more proof that El Paso High School is truly haunted.

Danny Rios

If you love a good ghost story, then look no further than El Paso because this city is full of them.

There are many haunted sights around the city, and for years locals have shared their ghost stories, sightings, and overall freighting events all over town, including at local schools such as El Paso High School.

I attended El Paso High School in the 90s, and I can tell you for sure that there is something that lurks around the shadowy corners of the school.

Throughout my four years at El Paso High, my friends and I would avoid walking the halls alone, especially the 3rd floor, the auditorium, and the old gym by the stadium because of the eerie vibes we'd get roaming the school.


How haunted is El Paso High School? Well, it’s so haunted that it has earned the title of being the Most Haunted High School in America.

Spine-chilling accounts include lights switching on and off, apparitions walking up and down the hallways, sounds of rallies coming from the auditorium, and many more paranormal activities occurring at the old gym and tunnels at the school.  There is even photographic evidence of a ghost that appeared in a 1985 yearbook.


In the photo, everybody looks clear, but there is one girl (seen in the second row from the bottom to the right) who looks blurry and out of place. According to the staff at the time, the girl did not appear in the original negative but did appear in the developed photo. No one knows who she is, and her identity remains a mystery to this day.

This photo is not the only picture that illustrates a ghostly apparition. Last week, I connected with El Paso High School golf coach Rios via a friend who shared a photograph taken about five years ago outside the school facing the stadium. The photo seen below was taken as kids hung out after school near the principal’s office when the staff was already gone for the day.

Danny Rios

If you look closely, there is an image of a face that is looking out the window. What’s creepier is that the face seems similar to that of the ghostly apparition in the 1985 yearbook.

According to the school’s haunted lore, in 1922, a teenage girl committed suicide by slitting her wrists and throwing herself off one of the school's balconies. After the tragic incident, the school received several reports of this "ghostly image," so they decided to build a wall that blocked the haunted hallway completely. But by the looks of it, the wall did nothing to deter the ghostly apparition.

Manny Madole

So does this new picture prove that El Paso High School is indeed haunted after all? We report, you decide.

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