From UTEP To Horizon, get creeped out with stories of the 13 most haunted schools in the El Paso, TX area.

If you love a good ghost story then look no further than El Paso because this city is full of them.

There are many haunts around El Paso and for years now locals have shared their ghost stories, sightings, and overall creepy events that have occurred all over town including at local schools.

I myself attended El Paso High School in the 90s and I can tell you for certain that there is definitely something that lurks around the shadowy corners of the school.

How haunted is El Paso High School? Well, it’s so haunted that it has earned the title of being the most haunted high school in America.

If one haunted school wasn’t enough for you then check out all the other haunted school hot spots we dug up in our area thanks to

Cathedral High School

The third floor of Cathedral High School seems to be the most haunted area. One student claimed that while at his locker he looked up and saw that at the end of the hall a locker was left open. As he started heading down the hall to close the locker it slammed shut and a white figure ran in the opposite direction and even though he gave chase the apparition disappeared as it turned the corner. Another area said to be haunted is a classroom on the third floor - Once you walk into this classroom you can feel an eerie presence as if someone is watching you but there’s no one in sight.

Clint High School

The old gym above the theatre is said to be haunted by a girl who was sexually assaulted and her body appears to be hanging. The Band Room where instruments are stored also appears to be haunted as music can be heard some nights as if someone was in there playing.

Crockett Elementary

It's said that on the second floor a student once witnessed a man walking down the hall with bloody gauze on his head and amputated arm. What the child didn’t know was that the school building dates back to the 1920s and purportedly served as a hospital to war veterans once upon a time.

Del Valle High School

Three band members were killed and according to witness accounts, you can sometimes hear screams late at night. Other paranormal accounts include books flying off the shelves in the library.

Desert View Middle School

Staff and faculty have reported strange noises including the sound of someone punching the lockers but with no one in sight. Another occurrence involved a lunch lady who claims she saw a white figure run through the gym one early morning even though the campus was closed to students.

El Paso Community College

Students and faculty have reported feeling a presence in the photo lab claiming that they felt someone touching their shoulder and breathing on the back of their necks. It’s so spooky that the cleaning crew refuses to clean the lab after dark.

El Paso High School

El Paso High is the most haunted high school in America – it’s so creepy that lights switch on and off, apparitions have also been reported by staff up and down the hallways. Noises and sounds of rallies can be heard coming from the auditorium while the old gym and tunnels have been the sight of many paranormal activities. There is even photographic evidence of a ghost that appeared in a 1985 yearbook. To delve more into the hauntings at El Paso High School and to see the ghostly yearbook picture Click HERE.

Escontrias Elementary

Escontrias Elementary in Socorro, TX was apparently built on top of a cemetery and locals say that the ghost of a girl and bloody handprints have been spotted.

Henderson Middle School

Reports of creepy footsteps following students and screams down dark halls have been heard at this school.

Carrol T Welch

A little girl is said to haunt this school in Horizon - local’s claim hearing noises and seeing the ghost of a little girl that what said to have been killed during the construction of the school.

Loretto Academy

Loretto Academy is said to be haunted by a nun who taught for many years and later died of an illness. Her existence is well documented by the Concordia Cemetery Association, and it said that sometimes the bell tower is illuminated even though it is no longer in operation. Movement in the bell tower of a shadow figure wearing the same habit as the rest of the nuns has been spotted too.


Students and faculty have reported strange noises, footsteps, and screaming heard late at night along with ghostly apparitions at both Cotton Memorial & Seamon Hall buildings which date back to the late 1920s. The Fox Fine Art Building and Recital Hall is also said to be haunted by a figure that hangs out on the top balcony.

Ysleta High School

This high school also has many ghost stories including the apparition of a cheerleader who took her life in the girl’s bathroom, a boy who haunts the auditorium, and a janitor who also lingers in the hallways.

There are plenty of ghost stories to go around – if you have a ghost story related to any of these schools in El Paso or any other I may have left out, feel free to share your experience with me at


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