Show of hands, how many times have you had to ask google to define a certain phrase that you heard a young kid use? SAME!

These days, there are just so many phrases and words that I can’t keep up with. Some phrases make sense, some make me laugh, and others are just weird or plain rude!

I decided to ask the people of El Paso what modern day phrases they can live without and would love to get rid of FOREVER!

I got a variety of responses that had me nodding in agreement however, I did feel attacked because…. I use a lot of those phrases and now I am questioning my vocabulary!

Here is a list of the modern day phrases that have outstayed their welcome and can go away forever!

  1. "On Fleek": From eyebrows to outfit choices, this phrase was so huge on social media. However, its overuse has turned it into an annoying trend.
  2. "Adulting": While initially coined as a lighthearted term to describe the struggles of becoming a responsible adult, it has become an overused excuse for everyday tasks that have always been part of life.
  3. "Sorry Not Sorry": This phrase has lost its edginess and has become an annoyingly passive-aggressive way of refusing to take responsibility for one's actions.
  4. "Low-Key" and "High-Key": Ok, this one offended me because I use Low-key A LOT! It first started as a joke but now it is a part of my vocabulary and honestly, I’m embarrassed. 
  5. "I Can't Even": This phrase was initially used to convey speechlessness or astonishment. However, its constant use has diluted its impact. I still like using it to annoy people though. Tehehehe
  6. "YOLO" (You Only Live Once): This once-inspiring phrase has been misused and overused to justify reckless behavior, diminishing its significance and turning it into a shallow excuse for poor decision-making. These days I use it to embarrass my son.
  7. "FOMO" (Fear of Missing Out): FOMO has become an exhausted acronym that fails to capture the true depth of our longing for connection and experiences.
  8. "Bae": Originally an affectionate term for one's romantic partner, "bae" has been overused to the point of losing its sentimental value, often used to refer to virtually anything or anyone.
  10. "Slay" and "Goals": These terms were once empowering expressions of admiration and ambition. However, their overuse in social media captions and everyday conversation has just ruined the meaning now!
  11. "Situationship": Look, they’re just not that into you!
  12. "Cancel Culture": While originating from the need to hold individuals accountable, the term has been thrown around carelessly, leading to quick judgments without even letting someone defend themselves.
  13. "Vibes": Originally used to describe the atmosphere or energy of a situation, "vibes" has become an overused buzzword!

Take a look at other modern day phrases that the people of El Paso can do without! 

  •  "The customer is always right."
  • "Sorry, not sorry!"
  • "Money can't buy happiness."
  • "Everything happens for a reason."
  • The use of "mansplaining."
  • The misuse of "I could care less."
  • The overuse and misuse of "gaslighting."
  • "Thoughts and prayers."
  • "Just sayin'."
  • "It is what it is."
  • "Boys will be boys."
  • “Look It"

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