Whole Foods Market El Paso [mike][/caption]

Whole Foods has been a huge hit, but some westsiders are not happy about the parking situation. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the parking will get any easier any time soon.

There are 250 spots in the Whole Foods parking lot, but those aren't enough and a lot of shoppers have been parking in a nearby apartment complex. There has also been congestion on the roads surrounding the new store as people make their way to the foodie mecca.

Whole Foods manager, Mark Heins, says he thinks there is enough parking and that as time goes by, things will ease up and parking problems will disappear. As for if there are plans to expand the parking lot, Heinz says there are no plans for that. He said they have limited space to work with and there is no space to put in extra parking.

The only bright spot seems to be that if Whole Foods gets overloaded with customers again, they will hire off duty-duty police to direct traffic.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and Day. Whole Foods should probably start making the call to get those extra police officers right now.