American Indie Pop band The Drums will play an El Paso Show and this is one that I’m shook about! I first caught The Drums play at Lowbrow a few years ago and last year I wasn’t living in El Paso so when I was home for the holidays I noticed they would play an El Paso show then head to SXSW to play a few shows in Austin so I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment when I didn't catch any of thri 2016 shows. The Drum’s album Portamento is definitely one of my top 5 albums of all time...I think they refer to those as “deserted island albums” since your life would be missing a big chunk of satiety without them. If you’re not familiar of course my recommendation would be the Portamento record and be prepared for sweet indie pop beats with the most infectious lyrical melodies but minus all of the corny elements that pertain to pop music!
The Drums will play in El Paso on Sunday December 10th at Tricky Falls. Tricky Falls is located at 209 S. El Paso and tickets are available now for $20-$40

Check out my favorite music video by The Drums below:

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