If you're a fan of 93.1 KISS FM's Great Purse Giveaway, you're going to love this contest. Because what goes best with a great purse? Shoes!

Okay, so how do I play?

Well, we have a bunch of shoeboxes spread across El Paso our our various sponsors’ locations. Inside those shoeboxes is an amazing selection of prizes! We promise you, you’ll want what’s in these shoes! On May 13, we’re going to take each shoebox and draw a winner from it. (So entering at multiple locations increases your chances of winning!)

OR you can enter right here online if you’re a 93.1 KISS FM VIP! (If you’re not a VIP, it’s free to enter!) Just complete each entry by visiting the sites in each box. For each sponsor site you visit, you’re entered into THEIR shoebox. So, visit all the sponsors, and you’ll be entered in for as many prizes as possible!


Alright, then. What can I win?

We're giving away, like, a wheelbarrow of prizes. But the grand prizes are two trips -- one to New York and one to Los Angeles! We'll send you to one of those cities with $250 spending cash for two days and two nights. And then, of course, you also win the designer shoes in the shoeboxes! On top of that, gift certificates, jewelry, boots and much more!

We’ll be adding more prizes as we go along, so keep checking back to see what we’ve added!

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