We have some hardcore gamers in the El Paso area, who would appreciate a good, accurate representation of the Sun City as a video game. While we get someone to work on that, we can dream about what the game could be thanks to local artist, EP Goon's version of Grand Theft Auto: Chuco Town. As you can see from the cover, Chico's Tacos would be a place where gamers would be able to visit. Possibly as a place to gain health or get their character a special character skin as the Chico's Tacos mascot.

We see the streetcar is also featured on the cover and we can only hope the streetcar would be an option to drive around Chuco Town. For those who don't play Grand Theft Auto, you are able to carjack people in the game and it is only necessary to have that option with our version. A pretty El Paso bar girl is also featured on the cover of the game and we know that Cincinnati street would probably be a place in the game your character would be spending plenty of time at, along with the Plaza theatre. I have a feeling they would set up the Plaza as a King Kong scene where you have to climb it to save yourself.

As for the familiar faces you see on the cover the legendary wrestler and hometown hero, Eddie Guerero could be a character that guides you through the game, like a guardian angel. The adopted son of El Paso, Khalid is seen at the bottom of the graphic. Maybe Khalid could lend his voice to a character and be the only album you can listen to in any car you drive. I think he would be down for that collaboration since he shared this image on his Instagram and gave a shout out to EP Goon.

From the city of the 915 s/o @epgoon

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