If freestyle was the soundtrack to your life growing up, and you are raring to go back to a music venue to see it performed live then the I Love Freestyle Music Tour – Texas concert might be the one for you.

El Paso Live just announced the show, and according to event details posted online, The Cover Girls will be headlining a show that also includes Charlotte McKinnon of Company B fame and John Minnis of Nice & Wild. Tim “Spinnin” Schommer and Stefani Bennett will be appearing as well. (Yeah, I don’t know either.)

The big Cover Girls radio songs, as you’ll recall, were "Show Me", "Because of You," and their cover of the Rose Royce song "Wishing on a Star."

Company B and Nice & Wild are known for “Fascinated” and “Diamond Girl,” both considered chichirara music classics.

Now before you hand Ticketmaster $39 - $79 plus taxes and fees to hear the old school sound, I have to tell you that I don’t know which Cover Girls version you’ll be getting. The group has had a lot of personnel changes over the years – girls left, were replaced, re-joined, and split-off – so I don’t know who exactly will be appearing as one and no one involved is being very specific.

Nice & Wild is another story, and a scandalous one at that. It turns out they were doing the Milli Vanilli thing back in the day even before Milli Vanilli. According to Wikipedia,

Former band members included David Torres, Reggie Pierre and Remy Palacios. The original vocals never were performed by the performance group but rather lip synced. David Torres did sing the Spanish parts after completing vocal training. The final vocal track [for Diamond Girl] was recorded by John Minnis.

Oh, snap, huh?

I Love Freestyle Music Tour – Texas

Saturday, September 25, 2021
Abraham Chavez Theatre
Tickets go on sale May 5

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