Many El Pasoans are usually tasked with this very important mission: transporting Chico's Tacos to family members who no longer live in the Sun City.

I feel like we've all been here at one point or another- whether it involved Chico's or not. My mom would sometimes export some Chico's Tacos to our family in Denver. It was weird, it involved dry ice and a ton of tape.

FLY:D via Unsplash
FLY:D via Unsplash

When it comes to transporting food, it's important to have a system; you don't want to get home and realize that the Mexican artisanal cookies you were in charge of the entire 12 hour bus ride are all broken and pulverized to a dust- which can totally happen!

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You understand the stress, and you know who else understands the stress? El Paso's very own self-proclaimed Huevona. Leonor Vargas, AKA Lilo AKA @huevonalife, was recently tasked with transporting some Chico's Tacos all the way to Chicago- and she shared how she did it.

I have to say, putting the sauce in the thermos was actually pretty smart- but I would be terrified of leaving the sauce in a checked bag! I would also be holding onto the goods for dear life; it's precious cargo!

It looks like the goods were delivered safely- and I now have a system for the next time I have to hold onto the food for our next trip to Denver.

If you aren't familiar with @huevonalife, be sure to follow her, this El Paso mom not only has some great recipes, she can show you how to make your favorite dish, in half the time!

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