One of the most asked questions i get as a radio disc jockey is "Hey Tony, how can i get a song request played on the radio without having to wait a million years!! Well, i'm glad you asked. Here are a few tips.

1. Be Polite.....If you call and say something like, "If you don't play my song next, i'm gonna change radio stations!" You know what we think about that. Go ahead. Who likes a fair-weather friend anyway. We're just like you. Old, loyal friends are the best friends

2. Make sure the song fits our format.....If you call Kiss and request "Broken, Beaten, and Scarred" by Metallica, chances are you'll be waiting a long time!!!

3. Don't put you're 2 year old on the phone to make your request.....You may think he's precious, but unless he's the baby from the E-Trade commericals, chances are we won't understand a word he says

4. Call during shows where we encourage requests.....Shows like Monica's "Back in the Day Cafe" at noon and my "I-Drive at 5" at 5pm are there so you can make dedications, shout-outs and requests. We love to hear from you, and get feed-back during these shows.

There you go, just a few "insider tips" on how to get your favorite song played on Kiss-Fm. Till next time.