Corporate America seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on and treating employees like a doormat seems to be the norm. Here are some ways to handle the work stress and how to beat the bullies in the workplace.

First you must evaluate the situation. Sometimes we must take a step back from the situation and really ask ourselves, "am I taking this too personal or is it a problem?" After you answer that question, you can move on with your plan of action. Next actions to be done is stand up for yourself. Speak up! If something is truly bothering you or making you unhappy you must let someone know. Maybe a authority figure at work, HR, someone you trust to help you in the situation. Finding someone to confide in and become an outlet to vent may be the first step in making things better for you.

Next, document every single thing that happens. Save emails, write down situations that arise and make you feel threatened in the workplace. Even take pictures and save them if pictures will help your case. Now it's time to get superiors involved. Unfortunately sometimes we can do so much in handling a situation with a bully or a mean person of higher level, this is where you contact HR immediately. And lastly, move on. If this means looking for another job or asking for a different schedule, you must move on and not dwell on people making you feel worthless or harrassing you in the workplace.

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