TikTok users are not just learning dances or pulling pranks on people, many are using their platforms to educate their followers.

For those of you who hate the idea of TikTok, it is actually a resourceful tool. My Finacé and I love to scroll through the app and find new recipes, home decor and even sign language lessons.

Klikbait is educating his followers in sign language with some quick, hilarious videos. He easily teaches you some sign language you are going to want to use every day. I have shared some of my favorite ones below, but if you want some dirty sign language, feel free to scroll through his full page.

This video teaches you to sign "I Don't Care' which I now use at work and no one knows it.

As I continue to stress out from work and planning a small wedding, sometimes I need to release some stress towards my man. A very important part of a relationship is to make sure to not go to bed mad, so now I just do this. Here is how to sign, "Goodnight, Loser."


❗️Dirty Sign Language: GOODNIGHT LOSER ❗️##fyp ##foryou ##howto ##dsl ##fortheboys

♬ original sound - klikbait

Now if you are pretty mad but are trying to keep your cool, take the time to learn this sign. It is my favorite one, "I hope you die in a fire":

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