We all know that Santa is magic and that's how he manages to get you everything you want on your Christmas list, and more.  But what if he was a regular corporation?  How many elves would Santa need to make Christmas wishes come true?


Those logistics elves from FedEx and UPS actually crunched the numbers, and according to them, The Big Guy would need a staff of 12 MEEEELLION employees!

Here are the numbers:

Santa would need to hit the homes of 760 million Christian children worldwide in just 24 hours.  That works out to about 9,000 deliveries a second.  He would have to have about 300 747's to carry the 760 million pounds of cargo for all those kiddoes.

Santa would also need about 46 international distribution centers, manned by 400,000 elves just to load the sleigh.  Another 832,000 elves would be needed for logistics, support, and HR, because with all those elves, HR issues are bound to come up!


40,000 elves would have to deal with all customs regulations Santa would run into.  67,000 elves would have to secure flyover rights, and schedule and optimize his flight plan . . . and 100 meteorologist elves would have to keep an eye on the weather.  Calling Dopplar Dave!

That still leaves about 10 million elves getting presents to distribution centers, and doing "general assignment."

All of that would have to happen just so each kid can get one present each, weighing a pound.

What.  The.  Heck?

So, when Santa says, "You better watch out, you better not cry", you better listen, because he works hard to bring you all those gift cards!