If at first you don’t succeed, try again until you get it! That is exactly what the small town of San Elizario did but it only took two tries to get what they wanted and that was the number one spot in USA Today’s Best Historic Small Towns.

You might remember back in 2022 the town of San Elizario was in the running to be named the “Best Historic Small Town in America.” Locals voted day and night but San Elizario didn’t quite take that number one spot.

San Elizario took home the number three spot for USA Today’s Readers Choice Awards for 2022 “Best Historic Small Town in America.”

Fast forward a year later and San Elizario has redeemed themselves! In a post shared to San Elizario Historic District’s Facebook page, the words “Congratulations” is written above a shared link that showcases the winners of this year’s USA Today’s 10 Best poll.

USA Today’s 10 Best provides people with original and unbiased travel coverage of top attractions, things to see and do, and restaurants for top destinations in the U.S. and around the world.

Anyone who has taken a day trip to San Elizario can agree that the small town is full of so much culture and history.

“The roots of this small Texas community go back hundreds of years, beginning with a Spanish settlement and military base. San Elizario chose to maintain its historic integrity rather than move forward as the railroad became a more prominent means of transportation in the late 1800s,” reads a description on USA Today’s 10 Best website.

Courtesy: USA Today 10 Best
Courtesy: USA Today 10 Best

If you have not made a trip to San Elizario yet, what are you waiting for! The town is number one on this list for a reason and if you don’t believe me well then I guess you’ll just have to head over there and find out for yourself!

Congrats, San Eli!


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