Here’s what happened after I tried the new workout craze, Pound.

Over the weekend I tried Pound, the latest workout trend and it was 30-minutes of sheer intense fun!

Pound is a full-body cardio, strength training and conditioning workout that incorporates yoga and Pilates inspired movements all while drumming to the beat of music.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was invited by Shelly Hatch at Total Defense where I usually go for my Krav Maga classes, but I was eager to see what everyone had been raving about.

The class lasts only 30 minutes and it has you rocking out to music while you go through short but fast reps banging your Ripstix while standing, sitting and/or laying on your back. At all times you are moving your arms and rocking from left to right and essentially strengthening and working out your whole body using muscles you didn’t even know you had.

By the time we were done I was drenched in sweat and my legs felt like wet noodles and I was pretty much sore for the next few days however, I am here to tell you that Pound was the best workout I have ever experienced. I love that the music is an integral part of the workout so you can really jam out while you work out because you are not sitting there doing boring reps waiting for your time to be up.

Pound is awesome because it’s totally adaptable for anybody’s fitness level and can burn up to 900 calories targeting your core along with the rest of your body, especially your arms, buttocks and legs.

The only drawback I would say is that when you go and try a class don’t get discouraged that you may not know the reps, especially if you are totally uncoordinated like me, but it gets easier as with all things, the more you try it, the better you get at it.

Pound is truly addicting and maybe I’ll slip Shelly an ‘80s playlist for an upcoming class but without a doubt you will find me at Total Defense banging away for a fitter body.

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