It's the 80's and early 90's and we were Cielo Vista Mall and the Merry Go Round was on the TOP or Bottom floor to the left of SEARs if you were facing the store, so that means it had to be on the bottom cause Chopsticks was up stairs right KISS fans?

Where you could find High Waist Jeans, overall's, floral denim (yes, the ladies were sporting that fashion and there were also SOME mens jackets, if you brave enough), slouch socks, and cropped jackets!

Girls use to load up on those fingerless gloves, while the guys would grab those leather skinny ties!  It was like a Glamour Shots soft focus shot, HA!  Fashion was a revolving door and constantly on the merry go round.  I remember that's where I picked up my Joey Lawrence flannel with the arms cut off and little tears on the shoulders while putting a white Tee underneath!

Once the wave for parachute pants, suspenders, and the pesky Velcro wallets were sucked out of fashion, the sales dried up too, and finally was laid to rest in 1996.  Back in those days Chess King and Merry Go Round, was owned by the same parent company!

Come lets share the #TBT memory's folks!!!!!

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