The Christmas spirit is in the air and brings joy to many who consider it their favorite time of the year. Horizon City will be kicking off Christmas festivities this weekend. We all know how much of a packed house it can be downtown at San Jacinto Plaza for the tree lighting.

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Now this time around it will be Horizon City's turn to ring in their Christmas festivities beginning Friday evening at 6 pm. They will first kick it all off with a float contest where judging will be held at Oz Glaze Senior Citizen Center.

Then right after starting at 7 pm, they will hold their Christmas tree lighting where you can enjoy hot chocolate and goodies during the event. Then the following day is when Horizon City will officially ring in the holiday with their annual Christmas parade.

There are some people who are just like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation flick when it comes to Christmas. But let's just hope that we can see spot the Clark Griswold's of Horizon on the day of the parade.

The annual Christmas/Holiday Parade will be on December 4 starting at 10 am. The Christmas Parade will begin on Darrington Road at the Ryderwood intersection in Horizon City.

El Paso Centennial Lions Club has been sharing the joyful news about the return of the Christmas Parade. Plus, if you can offer some of your time, they're in need of 20 volunteers to help with the parade. Feel free to reach out to El Paso Centennial Lions Club by clicking here.

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