Remember the Showtyme Sports Grill Aaron Jones announced last August he planned to open in El Paso?

Well, it’s finally happening, and as previously rumored it's going to be on the Far East side.

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Home field for restaurant bar the former University of Texas El Paso running back and current Green Bay Packers superstar is involved in is the Sunfire Village shopping center at 2106 N. Zaragoza.

If the address sounds familiar it’s because that’s the former location of Born and Raised, the restaurant and nightclub that closed in 2020.

No word when it opens to the public, but it looks good to go if videos of what I presume was some kind of lit V.I.P. private party on Jones’ Instagram Stories are any indication. I guess my invitation went to the spam folder?

Showtyme Sports Grill Logo Fun Fact

Showtyme Sports Grill Instagram
Showtyme Sports Grill Instagram

Remember the career game Aaron “Showtyme 33” Jones had against my beloved Dallas Cowboys in 2019? You know, the one in which he scored 4 touchdowns and riddled the Dallas defense for 182 total yards.

The logo of Jones waving, I learned in an El Paso Times article, is based on one of those TD runs; a TD run that ended up costing Aaron over $10,000.

That's how much the NFL fined him for waving bye-bye as he scooted past a Dallas Cowboys defender on his way to touchdown number 3 during their Oct. 6 match-up. Whether you thought it was a super-fun burn or a d**k move, the National Football League considered it taunting and levied the fine.

You're a True-Blue Dallas Cowboys Fan If...

Getty Images
Getty Images

• If ... You’ve learned to live with the ridiculous nicknames people have for them. (But, really guys enough with the Cowgirls, Clownboys, and Cowgueys jokes. Get some new material.)

• If ... The Eagles, Giants and Redskins are not to be spoken about in your presence. And none of that "Fly, Eagles, Fly" BS, either.

• If... You spend more time hating on the Cowboys than you do supporting your own team, you, my friend, are a Dallas Cowboys fan.

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