Darren and I were running around this weekend looking at houses in the Memorial Park area when we decided to stop and take advantage of the great day and the beautiful park.  We got sundae cones from the ice cream guy and walked around until we got to the stone bridge in the middle of the park. 

When we got to the top of the bridge, we looked down and saw these guys.


Those are just two of about 20 guys who were getting their swords and sorcery on in Memorial Park.  The name of the group is Amtgard, and they tell me that they are part of the Kingdom of the Burning Lands, which is what El Paso is called.  They have a King and Queen and they do battle every Saturday afternoon at 2:30.  Memorial Park is the perfect setting for Amtgard because the place does have the look of a medieval forest, and the stone bridge is the perfect backdrop for their battles. 

If you want to watch the warriors of the Kingdom of the Burning Lands, head out to Memorial Park Saturday afternoons at 2:30, hit up the ice cream man, and grab a bit of stone bridge.  If you want more info on the group, go to their website at amtgardinc.com.