The arrest of the man whom El Paso Police say was responsible for the death of a woman and the wounding of her husband in their central El Paso home last November was announced on Thursday. Details about the reason the man says he killed Georgette Kaufmann and wounded her husband Daniel in their home are mindboggling.

The El Paso Times reports that the suspect, 38 year old Joseph Angel Alvarez, said Memorial Park near the victim's home was "ritualistic satanic ground to conduct abortions by manner of magic.” Alvarez believed that other homes in the area were part of this theory he cooked up in his mind.

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I'm sorry but if you want to read all about this person you can do so by clicking on the link above. If anything, I'm just glad this person is off the streets. He apparently also got fired from a job because he was stalking a female co-worker on his day off and accosted her as she got out of her vehicle. And he attacked people he didn't know and was looking to possibly do other people harm because he thought they were Satanists. I'm glad he's been arrested. Hopefully he won't be able to allegedly hurt anyone else. I'm sorry for the Kaufmann's family loss. I hope they can find some peace now.


A central El Paso neighborhood was the scene of a terrible crime last year and put the entire city on edge as the holidays were just about to get underway. 50-year-old Georgette Kaufman and her husband 48-year-old Daniel Kaufman were attacked in their home on the 3000 block of Copper Avenue near Memorial Park on the night of November 14. The El Paso Police said at the time that an unknown assailant had shot both Georgette and Daniel, but Georgette died of her injuries. Daniel was taken to a hospital in critical but stable condition. He has since recovered.

At the time of the incident there were a lot of theories about who might have been responsible for the crime. There were rumors that their son was not at the home at the time of the incident, but it was reported that the then 16-year-old son of the Kaufman's was in Dallas for a fencing tournament at the time of the shootings.

El Paso Police announced that they arrested a suspect on Wednesday. 38 year old Joseph Angel Alvarez was taken into custody by EPPD officers along with SWAT and detectives with the Crimes against Persons unit outside his job near Viscount and Hawkins on the east side. A judge set Alvarez's bond at $2 million the murder of Mrs. Kaufmann and $500,000 for the aggravated assault of Mr. Kaufmann. Police say they are still asking the public for their help so if you have any information on this incident you can call 915-832-4400 or Crime Stoppers of El Paso at 915-566-8477 (TIPS).

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