I was driving home from the station this morning, and something shiny caught my eye.  No, it wasn't jewelry, it was a Hidden El Paso Gem!

Remember when you used to go to Juarez back in the day, and after a hard night of, um, going to the library, you could grab some tacos from a street vendor?  Delish!  Well, the street food movement has come to El Paso in the form of the Drifter Diner. 

Owner Ian Atkins, and his sidekick/cook, Zac Adleman, can be found Monday thru Friday from 11:30 - 2 in the parking lot at the corner of Mesa and Executive in a super fun vintage RV.  Ian, who came to El Paso after a stint in the Army, has been in business for about 9 months.  Their spring menu includes chicken sliders, portobella mushroom sliders, and the ones I got, beef sliders. 

Under those juicy sliders is a mound of amazing sweet potato fries!  And even though I had to go from Executive to the Hawkins exit, the sliders were still warm and fabulous, and only set me back about 7 bucks!

Check out the Drifter Diner on facebook for more information on this Hidden El Paso gem, and don't forget to head up Mesa to Executive for a great street meal!