If there is one thing fatties, I mean, foodies, like me love, it's the Street Fest.  A myriad, a mind-boggling array, yes, dare I say it, a plethora of fabulous street food all laid out in neat little carts and tents, and all we have to do is buy a ticket!  And the best thing?  There are a zillion other people wandering around eating, too, so no one is watching how much you're putting away!

Each year, I always get my favorites, and the funny thing is, I hardly ever eat them throughout the rest of the year.  It's like Thanksgiving, only in the summer!

So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 El Paso Downtown Street Fest Foods!

5.  Gorditas - Oh my, is there anything more wonderful than perfectly fried gordita shells filled with tasty ground beef and potatoes?  No, I tell you, there is not.

4. Turkey Legs - Turkey leg in the left hand + cold beer in the right hand = Street Fest nirvana!

3. Elote - Whether on the cob or in the cup, elote is one of my favorite Street Fest foods and the one thing I absolutely will not share with anyone.

2. Kettle corn - Get the big bag because popcorn is good for you.  It's a grain, right? And the cool thing is you can watch them make it fresh and marvel at the carmelization process.

1. Tropical Snow - A zillion flavors, a zillion colors.  It's refreshing, it turns your tongue unnatural colors, and if your eyeballs pop out of your head when you crunch the ice, you'll know you have a dental issue.  No need for expensive x-rays!

Join us June 17 & 18 for the El Paso Downtown Street Fest, but be warned, I plan on getting there very early - and I eat a lot!

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