Almost everyone has owned a goldfish at one point in their lives.

Usually, goldfish are pretty easy to take care of as a kid. Unfortunately, some of us have lost our pet goldfish too soon.

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There are others who can't keep a goldfish alive, so they flush them down the toilet. For those who just do not want a pet goldfish anymore, sometimes toss them in a pond or lake.

Well, lately it seems like people have been tossing their goldfish full of life into lakes and ponds. Some former goldfish owners must not care that tossing their pet goldfish into the lake or pond is prohibited.

Well, for those people who toss their goldfish into ponds or lakes, you're now officially warned. Just check out Good Morning America's news clip about the issue below.

If you ever owned a pet goldfish when they were small and set it free in a lake/pond, it's probably gigantic by now.

It seems like this is becoming a problem in Minnesota according to officials. Residents who have dumped their former pet goldfish in the lake/pond are wreaking havoc.

Apparently, tossing pet goldfish into the lake or pond can transform their physical appearance. Meaning goldfish can grow bigger than their average size and live a longer life. They mentioned if you can't take full responsibility for it, just give it away to someone.

It is better you give it to someone else who can care for it instead of tossing it into the lake/pond. So let this be your friendly reminder to avoid tossing your pet goldfish into the lake or ponds. So if you can't take care of your pet goldfish, don't set it free at Ascarate Lake instead re-gift it to someone who can watch over it.

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