There once was a time when the Westside was the popular part of town. Hell, some locals wished to be a part of the Pride of the Westside club.

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Of course, this was before the Eastside of El Paso started expanding. But before the Eastside started growing people would head West for an eventful night.

I remember friends who lived East would always be seen partying on the Westside. For example, Union Plaza downtown once was a hotspot on Fridays and Saturdays.

Plus, if they wanted the Alamo Drafthouse experience they needed to head West. That was until the Eastside of town got one of their own. Plus there will soon be a Texas Roadhouse heading far East as well in time.

But lately, the Eastside of El Paso has been booming rapidly too. But oh my how the tables have turned for any Westsiders who can relate.

The ones that can relate are the Westsiders who find themselves heading East quite often. It has me wondering though what part of town you believe has the best food, shops, attractions, and more.

It is a beautiful memory to have when you remember your hometown before the glam up. You know, kind of like a then vs. now of El Paso.

A perfect example is when City Hall with the long escalators existed where Southwest University Park now is. But it is a happy thing to see the Eastside of El Paso expanding.

Shoot, I am living proof of growing up in the Westside for most of my life but have turned into a fan of the Eastside. I mean the area near Joe Battle and Zaragoza has so many of the stores I enjoy shopping at.

I feel as if the Eastside has been gaining more options for shops and restaurants than the Westside has. So where do you believe the new hotspot to live at now in El Paso is? Place your opinion in the poll below.

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