I have to admit it - I absolutely hate going to the grocery store. It's not just that it usually takes about an hour to drive there, shop, and then drive back, it's the loading and unloading of groceries, and let's face it, I'm lazy as hell about it. A few months ago when I was recovering from surgery, I started shopping online at Walmart and getting my purchases shipped for free. It makes life so much easier and during the blast furnace heat of El Paso summers, it keeps me from melting while I drag stuff from my car to the house.

Also, did I mention I was lazy as hell?

But this new delivery system by Walmart where they have access to your house so they can put your purchases in your home and even in your fridge, well, I just don't know about that. I know they say it's a one time access code to your house, but in addition to the obvious worry that someone might steal my stuff, do I really want to grant them access to my fridge where I sometimes have science experiments lurking because I haven't bothered to clean out old leftovers? Do I want someone to know that I have a dozen Cadbury Milk Chocolate bars in my fridge next to my seven bottles of chardonnay? Is it really a good idea that someone sees the sad state of affairs of my vegetable crisper drawer? I think not.

Sorry Walmart, not today with the fridge delivery system. I can't risk my Cadbury's going missing.

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