Here's where you can find the best empanadas in El Paso, baked to golden perfection and stuffed with a sweet filling or savory meats.

JamieLynn Amato
JamieLynn Amato


Take your pick from savory meats or sweet filling – these empanadas are not only delicious golden pockets filled with goodness; empanadas also travel exceptionally well.  

Whether you love apple-filled, bean and cheese for the vegetarian fans or BBQ for the carnivores, you will surely find something for everyone with these compact complete mini-meals.  

Favored Empanadas In El Paso:  

La Empanaderia

La Empanaderia 4 ma
  • Find amazing empanadas ranging from savory to sweet at La Empanaderia.
  • Standout Empanada: Humita, filled cheese, green bell pepper, sour cream, white corn, and onion.

Gussie's Tamales & Bakery

Posted by Gussie's Tamales & Bakery on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

  • Gussie's offers more than just tamales; they also are one of the best places to score apple, pineapple, or sweet potato-filled empanadas.
  • Standout Empanada: Apple-filled


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Posted by Garufa Argentinean Restaurant - El Paso, TX on Monday, March 1, 2021

  • One of the best-kept secrets of West El Paso is the Argentinian restaurant Garufa. Their fantastic menu also happens to include some of the best ground beef empanadas around.
  • Standout Empanada: Ground beef empanada

Bowie Bakery

Bowie Bakery
Bowie Bakery
  • Hands down, my all-time favorite pumpkin empanadas de Trigo (wheat) come from the legendary Bowie Bakery. (2 locations in West and downtown El Paso)
  • Standout Empanada: Pumpkin-filled empanada

Corralito's Steak House

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* Empanadas *Melted Cheese *Garlic Mushrooms

Posted by Corralito Steak House-Mesa on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

  • If savory is what you're looking for, Corralito's Steak House offers finger-licking veggie and meat-filled empanadas. (4 locations, Mesa, Doniphan, Airway and Zaragoza)
  • Standout Empanada: Shredded beef empanadas

Whatever your empanada preference, these local eateries have got you covered - so if your mouth is watering already, head out and support local while celebrating National Empanada Day today!

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