El Paso doesn't get super bad winters, but we do have lots of mornings that will see your car windshield iced over. Usually an iced windshield means standing in the cold and wind scraping the glass with whatever you can find and cursing the Snow Miser. But I found an easier way to de-ice your windshield.

Get a spray bottle and mix one part alcohol to two parts water. Shake the mixture a bit and then spray it on any ice on your vehicle's windows. The ice will begin to melt immediately and then you can swipe it clean with your windshield wipers or some paper towels.

The best thing about this mixture is that you can leave the bottle in your car because it won't freeze. Alcohol has a freezing point of 100 below 0, which is why you can leave booze in your freezer and have an ice-cold cocktail that's not slushy. It's unlikely that we will ever get to 100 below 0, so make that de-icing solution and leave it in your car for the next time you need to clear your windshield quick.

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