A couple of toddlers walking along Dyer Street caught an El Pasoan's eye and he is now being hailed a hero for saving them. The whole thing went down on Live PD, a cable show that follows law enforcement agencies from around the country on weekend nights. The El Paso Police Department is one of the departments followed and the story of the two little ones and the man who saved them had everyone on the edge of their seats.

The whole thing started when Edwin Melendez was driving down Dyer Street and spotted the kids who were both under the age of five and were walking along Dyer because they had been left alone in their home. They told police officers that their dad had left them and their mom was at work. Melendez said that when he initially saw them, he waited around to see if there were any adults walking in the area, but when it became clear that there weren't, he called the police.

It wasn't until after the police arrived that the children's father and grandparents showed up. They said they had been searching the area for the children. They were questioned and then the toddlers were returned to them.

I think Edwin Melendez deserves a medal for doing the right thing and saving those two babies from harm. I also think it's crap that the babies were turned over to what are clearly negligent adults. Who the hell loses children who are waaaaaay under five years old? They deserved a lot more trouble then they got. Maybe next time they won't let those precious babies out of their sight.

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