Christmas music has begun to creep back into the mainstream as the holiday season begins. Christmas decorations have been up in some stores for a while, which didn't even allow me to enjoy getting last minute Halloween items. Seriously, on Halloween, some stores had already cleared the shelves and replaced things with Christmas lights.

I am one of those Grinches who can't stand Christmas music so early. I already have been dealing with early Christmas decorations and television movies. The music just drives me insane.

I can only listen to George Michaels, "Last Christmas" on repeat forever. Everything else can only be heard once a year. If only that was a possibility. It is inevitable to hear Christmas songs, just once, due them being constantly played on radios and department radios.

Thanks to Christopher Spata, of, I now know what stores to avoid when I can not take another sound of a jingle bell.

According to the fancy graph by Spata, Best Buy is the first store to bring in the holiday cheer. Their stores begin playing holiday jams on October 22nd. As you can see from the graphic everyone else is sorta spaced out, to control the mental madness. Here in El Paso, we don't have a Stater Bros., so we are completely immersed in Christmas music on November 24th, or as many like to call it, Black Friday.

The graph was created by surveying the top 100 American retailers, but only 25 of those responded with actual dates. I am just glad some people were able to give dates, so I know when to start hiding and crying in a corner.

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