The El Paso Independent School District is in the process of consolidating ten schools into four different, larger campuses and they want you to help them name the new schools.

The new schools are part of the half billion dollar bond initiative that was voted in last year. In the next four years, Hughey Elementary and Ross Middle School in east-central El Paso will become a K-8th grade school, Henderson and Clardy in northeast El Paso will be consolidated, and Lincoln, Bond, and Roberts on the westside will morph into one campus. Another larger elementary campus will be formed out of Dowell, Schuster, and Crosby.

When all those campuses are finally combined, they will get new names, but that takes a while to do. EPISD will will be forming school-name committees and take recommendations from the public. Those recommendations will be presented to the EPISD school board and they will vote on the new name for the campus.

If you would like to make a suggestion, send an email to and put "Nomination for" and insert the school name.

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