Easter is probably one of the least scariest holidays; well, when you takeaway the fact that it's basically about zombie Jesus (he died and then resurrected? He's totally a zombie). Other than that, Easter is pretty tame and filled with cute bunnies and chicks and eggs filled with candy.

However, there's no rule that says you can't make Easter spooky! And for those of us who love Halloween, there are definitely ways to make Easter a little more spooky.

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For instance, over in Canton, North Carolina, Otis Driftwood recently held an Easter egg hunt and haunt. Holding the hunt and haunt at what they call Pinhead's Graveyard, the event was held over two days where you would hunt down eggs to claim a grand prize and where you could also run into some familiar faces, like Freddy Krueger, but with bunny ears!

Pinhead's Graveyard via YouTube
Pinhead's Graveyard via YouTube

Speaking with ABC 13 News, Driftwood explained how this event, although creepy, was perfect for families who wanted to do something different for Easter:

We’re going to scare you a little bit, but we just want people and families to come in here and have a fun Easter egg hunt. It's something a little bit different than finding Easter eggs in a grass yard.


Canton's Easter egg hunt and haunt isn't the only one keeping the spooky vibes. Over in East Bethany, just outside of Buffalo, NY, stands one of the most haunted buildings in the country: Rolling Hills Asylum, which has been featured on "Ghost Adventures".

While the location is known for its Halloween investigations- this popular haunt also hosts a creepy Easter event: an Adult Easter Egg Hunt and Ghost Hunt!

With Halloween being so popular in El Paso, I wouldn't be surprised if an event like this becomes popular here. Places like Concordia Cemetery would be perfect for a haunted Easter egg hunt!

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