Leave. My.  Happy. Meal. ALOOOOOOOONE!  I am sick of hearing that McDonald's and other fast food is making kids fat!  McDonald's has been around since, well, I DON'T KNOW SINCE WHEN!  That doesn't matter!  What matters is that they've been around forever, and in that time, they have been serving delicious food THAT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE HEALTHY!  It was meant to be DELICIOUS!

I know I'm being a little crazy here, but, for reals!  Back in the day when parents were parents and not their kid's "besties", they knew that fast food wasn't intended to be a way of life, it was intended to be an occasional treat.  Kids also played, like, outside, in the sunshine, with bicycles and jump ropes.  They didn't develop carpal tunnel syndrome from 'gaming' seventeen hours a day!  And I guarantee you, fast food wasn't any healthier then than it is now!

Fast forward to 2011 when Ronald McDonald is being held at carrotpoint to change his eeeeeeevil ways!  Parents who have substituted a homecooked meal for a nightly drive thru at the Golden Arches (even the nickname sounds delish!), say they are shocked, shocked to find that fast food might not be the healthiest option for their Little Precious.  But instead of pointing the finger at themselves for their child's unhealthy lifestyle, they declared, "It's not fair, it's not right!", and said Ronald McDonald should be strung up for feeding their kids bad stuff!


Parents, COOK FOR YOUR KIDS!  Stop looking to everyone else to do YOUR JOB!  Or else we just need to go ahead and become one of those countries that taxes the daylights out of everyone and takes care of every little detail of their citizens life.  Well, I say NO WAY JOSE!  You can't take McDonald's away from me!  I won't let you tell me that Ronald has a plan to take over the world one fat kid at a time!  He doesn't!  I mean, look at him!


Even Brooke Shields loves him!  Ok, I feel better now. 

Here's the President of McDonald's trying to put on a happy face when explaining why poor Ronald had to bow to pressure to change the Happy Meal.  LONG LIVE RONALD!!!!!!!!

And just to put a smile on your face, a vintage Happy Meal commercial....

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