Today's birthday, um, entity, is the US Constitution!  If you're like a lot of us of a certain age, you learned everything you know about the founding documents of our country from cartoons. 

God Bless America!

Back in the day, there was nothing like a giant bowl of Sugared Corn Poppy Flakes with Delicious Mini Artificially Flavored and Dyed Marshamallows, and Saturday morning cartoons!  We watched 'Scooby Doo', live action cartoons like 'Land of the Lost' (before Will Farrell got his unfunny mitts on it), and between all the shows, there was (cue angels singing) 'School House Rock"!

We learned all about our country and the way it works.  We learned about 'How A Bill Becomes A Law':

There was also a 'School House Rock' tutorial on the Boston Tea Party:

There were so many amazing 'School House Rocks', but since we're wishing the US Constitution a Happy Birthday, let's watch 'School House Rocks' tell us all about that famous, and history changing, document:

I feel so much smarter!  Thanks to 'School House Rocks' for helping me get through history and government in school, and Happy Birthday, US Constitution!