Collins is well known in the acting community. Before he was in '7th Heaven', he did 2 TV movies about Betty Broderick, a couple of years ago,
did a guest appearance on 'Scandal', and most recently was in a TV series called 'Revolution'.

When he and his ex-wife were in the therapy session she taped, it's clear that she was asking leading questions to get the answers she wanted. In California, you can tape someone without their knowledge as long as you are gathering evidence of a violent crime. The audio is pretty difficult to listen to because it is quite graphic, and definitely NSFW.

It's really a bombshell story of an actor who had a pretty decent career, but is now under investigation by California law enforcement. It's being reported that the molestation happened when the 67 year old actor was in his 30s, so it's unclear if he can be prosecuted for his crimes, but nonetheless, his career is over.