You can find some interesting things when you use Google Street View.  You can check out what's happening on your street in front of your house, or your ex's house if you're a stalker type, or you can even catch a visitor from outer space!

Mike and Tricia Mornings had a little Google Street View mystery of our own.  We got a picture from Google Street View of a home on Lousiana and Silver Streets in Central El Paso, that appeared to have a ghost wandering around in the front yard.  We did a couple of posts on it, but finally it was debunked by the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society.






So, Google Street View didn't capture an El Paso ghost, but did it capture a UFO in Jacksonville, Texas?  Andrea Dove told ABC News that she was using Google Maps to find some directions when a strange shot from Street View caught her eye:


Here's the close-up:


So what do you think?  Just a smudge on the lens, or proof that Marvin the Martian really exists?  Have you ever found something spooky on Google Street View?  Send us the pic!