HAUNTED EL PASO - THE GOOGLE GHOST REVISITED AND DEBUNKED: On the North East corner of Louisiana and Silver sits this red brick house ...

For years the creepy looking dwelling has been the stuff of ghost legend. The story is a teenager hung herself at the top of the stair case that leads into the room in the tower-like structure, and now her ghost is said to roam the property. Some say the image circled in red below is her ghost captured on Google Maps. It didn't hurt their case that no matter where you'd move the street view, the blurry, ghost-like figure would remain fuzzy and distorted. Since my original posting last year, however, both the stories of a haunting and the legend of the Google Ghost have been pretty much debunked.

The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society, contacted by the home owner, looked into the stories of the figure people say they have seen by the window, and of the teen who supposedly hung herself in the stair case. After sitting down and speaking with the home owner, Chris Yost and Daniel Bustamante of PDN have been able to debunk both stories.

The figure in the window, for example,  is actually a manequin with a dim light behind. It was set up that way to create the illusion someone was home, which home owners hoped would deter intruders and wanna-be ghost busters. The story of the supposed hanging was also called into quesiton after a tour of the building did not find any structural evidence of a stair case ever being in place in the "Round Room", meaning the hanging as legend has it could not have happened. You can read a more detailed report of what Chris and Daniel discovered HERE.

As for the Google image, a return visit to Google maps found the original ghostly anamoly no longer appeared on the front yard.

In fact, it looks more like some kind of lawn ornament than the ghost of a woman wandering the yard.