Goga Studios!!

I have been exposed to one of the best things in El Paso! GOGA STUDIOS!!

These machines are so great I’ve been raving about it to all my friends and now you!

You may have seen Goga Studios at this year’s Bridal Expo and if you tried it you know how amazing it was!

The science behind the machines is simple: You are shaking your way to better health!

As a matter of fact - Goga Studios is home of the 10 minute no work workout a bold statement that is supported by an FDA Class #1 Medical Device Listing that states health benefits can be achieved.

Such as….

* increased metabolism
* decrease cellulite
* assist in weight loss
* improve mobility
* improve coordination
* massage muscles
* low impact - kind to joints
* tone and firm muscles
* improve flexibility
* increase metabolism
* and many more benefits!


Trust me my back feels stronger and my thighs are firming up! It’s really amazing!

In addition to Whole Body Vibration Therapy and Fitness, Goga Studios offer their members the benefits of wellness experiences using Far-Infrared Sauna Therapy, Alkaline Water Stations and a complete line of Himalayan Salt Products. Which btw has helped me tremendously with my severe allergies!


And it gets better because now Goga Studios is selling these machines too! If you’ve tried Goga and you just gotta have one in your home it can be yours for $300.00 down and $74 per month for 24 months and that’s with no credit check!

If you wanna see what the shaking is all about just stop Goga Studios today and try it for Free!

Goga Studios

7930 N. Mesa

Or call them at 915.833.4642

It’ll change your life!!

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