As El Paso slowly begins to heal, and more importantly come together to help the families affected by Saturday's terror attack, many online relief funds have been started in the victim’s names.

And because of the type of people we are, so many are eager to support those impacted as they deal with this unfathomable loss.

In order to protect El Pasoans from getting scammed GoFundMe has launched a centralized GoFundMe hub for all verified campaigns related to the attack at Walmart.

All funding campaigns listed on the page have been verified by GoFundMe to ensure that every dollar donated will, in fact, go to beneficiaries the fund states.

GoFundMe guarantees the funds raised will reach the victims and their families. This centralized hub is updated on a regular basis with new campaigns that have been verified.

The company promises your donations are “backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee,” which states that if something doesn’t check out and things aren’t as kosher as it seemed, “we will refund your donation.”

Follow THIS LINK to the centralized hub and be the loving, generous community we know first-hand the El Paso area is.

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