President Donald Trump is going to be coming to El Paso on Monday, February 11. He is going to be holding a MAGA rally to kick off his re-election campaign. You can click here for your chance to get your tickets to the event. A lot of people are wondering why he is coming to town so soon after his slam about the safety of El Paso and the border region. Congresswoman Veronica Escobar had an interesting thing to say, allegedly supposably, about what Trump had to say in his State of the Union address. Escobar says she will be in town for the Trump event at the County Coliseum on Monday. She isn't the only one hacked off at what Trump had to say about our fair city. Other El Paso officials weighed in on his take on the safety of El Paso.

A lot of people will be at the event on Monday, and a Go Fund me account is hoping to raise enough money to bring the infamous Baby Trump balloon to El Paso. The tweet reads:

"Do you want to see Trump get trolled by the Baby Trump Balloon in El Paso Texas on Monday? Donate a buck or two as we are halfway there to raise enough to make it happen."

It will take $3,500 to bring the balloon to El Paso, and as of Thursday evening, $2,260 has been raised in just seven hours. The Baby Trump balloon has been seen over Paris, Scotland, and London. It has also been seen in the United States, but will it fly in the skies over the Coliseum? That remains to be seen.

I gotta say, I think it would be pretty funny to see Baby Trump in action, but I'm kinda freaked out by his nipples.

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