The Girl Scouts are waiving membership fees for new recruits who sign up by August 27 and to make things just a bit sweeter, they’ll be giving those new recruits a package of Girl Scout Cookies as well.  This new initiative as well as updates to how the organization meets have been made in a response to operate safely in the current post-coronavirus world.

The Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest have added virtual programming as they try to expand and create learning opportunities for young women in a variety of areas to include STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  They are also offering the opportunity to pick up supplies that may be needed for any other programs that may require additional resources.

While any in-person activities that are traditionally associated with the Girl Scouts are currently limited, the organization should be commended for expanding how they operate in order to make sure scouts are still connected, learning, and fostering community involvement.

The Girl Scouts are open to young women in kindergarten through grade 12.  Those families who wish to take advantage of the waived membership fees have until August 27 to sign up and their membership will be valid through September of 2021 and may do so by going to

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