Soap & Glory has a really interesting way of expressing gratitude: the British beauty company recently installed a giant sculpture of a bathing lady in Hamburg, Germany’s Alster Lake.

“[W]e’ve been looking for a way to say, ‘Thank you!’ to everyone for embracing our products, and making us a real success there. At Soap & Glory, we consider it our calling to bring more beauty to the world, and have fun doing it,” said company founder Marcia Kilgore.

Called “Die Badende” — German for “the bather” — the sculpture was designed by Oliver Voss out of two tons of steel and styrofoam. The lady in the lake’s mission? To “promote the ‘art’ of bathing.” She even has her own Facebook page.

Hamburg Mayor Markus Schreiber says she’s “sullying the beloved lake,” but at 13 feet high and 67 feet long, where else is she supposed to wash away the day?

[via Gawker]

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