Ghost Girl is back, making a hair-raising appearance in another picture captured at El Paso High School.

Marcos Rey

For the last couple of weeks, I've been sharing photos of El Paso High School's resident Ghost Girl, and now another image has surfaced, proving that the old high school is most definitely haunted.

There's a reason why El Paso High School has been named the Most Haunted High School in America. Spine-chilling accounts include lights switching on and off, apparitions walking up and down the hallways, sounds of rallies coming from the auditorium, and many more paranormal activities occurring at the old gym and tunnels at the school.

Photographic evidence of Ghost Girl dates back decades, including her appearance in the 1985 school yearbook. In the photo, everybody looks clear, but there is one girl (seen in the second row from the bottom to the right) who looks blurry and out of place. According to the staff at the time, the girl did not appear in the original negative but did appear in the developed photo. No one knows who she is, and her identity remains a mystery to this day.

According to the school’s haunted lore, in 1922, a teenage girl committed suicide by slitting her wrists and throwing herself off one of the school's balconies. After the tragic incident, the school received several reports of this "ghostly image," so they decided to build a wall that blocked the haunted hallway completely. But by the looks of it, the wall did nothing to deter the ghostly apparition.

First up was a photo sent in by the current gold coach at El Paso High School, taken when kids hung out after school near the principal’s office when the staff was already gone for the day. The face looking out the window seems eerily similar to that of the ghostly apparition in the El Paso High School 1985 yearbook.

Danny Rios

The second photo, taken earlier last month, was sent in by a listener, and it features a local El Paso High School student posing in front of the school, but if you look closely, the image in the bottom mid-right also looks hauntingly like Ghost Girl.

David Pineda

And now, a new photo sent in by another listener (Brenda) of a graduation photo taken at El Paso High School about ten years ago shows the creepy image of Ghost Girl in the right window (next to the gentleman in the short sleeve green shirt).

Brenda Dawkins

Below is a zoomed-in photo of Ghost Girl looking out the window with her head titled back, her black mouth agape, wearing a white dress as if she too was posing for the photo.

Brenda Dawkins

The photo also has tons of orbs floating around - some, maybe due to the flash used and perhaps her lens was dirty - but despite all that, folks are seeing more than Ghost Girl in this picture, confirming a hotbed of paranormal activity at the school.

If you would like to share any ghost pictures feel free to email me at

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