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My cats hate clothing. They already have a fur sweater on, so I do not blame them for wanting to be naked all the time. During the Halloween season is the only time I bug them to dress up for the occasion. I have attempted to dress them up as butterflies, bats, and witches. It never works. They go as cats every year.

Some pet owners are lucky to have dogs, guinea pigs, and cats who enjoy dressing up. I am totally jealous of them, so I wanted to share a list of costumes I wish I could get my pets to wear.

Raggedy Ann Doll

My mother has always loved those Raggedy Ann plush dolls. For her to love my cat after she scratched up the couch, I think I need to dress her up as this. If I want to end up like the couch, I better not try to dress her up. If you're dog or cat wants to, feel free to get them this precious costume.


UPS Delivery Pet 

All those viral videos featuring dogs being adorable in this outfit is my inspiration for getting through tough workdays. The way the little hands move around like crazy when a pet wears it is too cute for words! Your pet can look just as cute when you receive a real package with this beauty in it.



The ghost with the most in dog form is adorable. I can't believe they have created an adorable Beetlejuice wig for your dog or cat. It looks like it might be hard to keep on but it is totally worth it to have your animal stroll down the street with the swagger of the beloved horror character.



I absolutely love it when people dress up dogs as spiders. The little legs are so adorable as they bounce around. I bet people who are pretty terrified of spiders would be freaked out by this costume because of how crazy fast the dog will probably run around in it. If only my cat would wear one, I would blow up social media with those photos.


Freddy Krueger

My favorite horror icon Freddy Krueger in dog form is way too cute to be scary. I love the little claw glove that blends into the paw of the pooch. I think I might just have to buy this one for my cat because her paws work better with the real claws.