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Trick-or-treating in El Paso is always a fun thing for the community. Not only do kids get to fill their bag with candy that will probably only last them a week, but they get a wide variety of candy. This variety of candy doesn't just have the usual favorites like chocolate bars and fruit chews. El Pasoans give out some of the tastiest Mexican candies you will find in any Bordertown.

My candy palette has grown with my age as now I taste the amazingness that is sweet and spicy candies. My favorites usually involve tamarindo and chamoy or some weird mixture of Lucas power. Once you get home with the giant candy haul your children will receive, don't forget to check it for any dangerous items. When you are checking your child's candy bag, make sure to steal of few of these candies if you're into the sweet and spicy candies.


I adore these little balls of tamarindo chili! They are so full of flavor and so easy to eat. Just make sure you do not go crazy with them and send yourself on a crazy spicy rush, that could possibly rough up your tongue.


Vero Mando:

These lollipops have been found in my childhood candy bags for years, but I never truly appreciated them until I was an adult. Now I have money to just buy them and yet them all year long, but on Halloween, nothing tastes better than a free mango-flavored lollipop coated in chili.


Sonrics Rockaleta Lollipop:

My man is in LOVE with these lollipops. I do see these in children's bag and their eyes just light up knowing they have one of these bad boys waiting for them. I've seen grown men fight over them so just know, these lollipops are like gold in our area.


Mini Pelon 

Now these mini tamarindo candies are my personal favorite. I will steal them from my nephew and not even feel bad. They are just THAT delicious. Now that they are in mini form, they are the perfect trick-or-treat candy to hand out this year.


De La Rosa Marzipan

A childhood favorite of many El Pasoans is marzipan peanut candy. The usually brand you will see in trick-or-treat bags is De La Rosa because those are THE best. Hands down, the best candy to snack on and extremely reasonably priced for a box full. Easy candy you can easily hand out without breaking the bank.