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Whether you love or hate the tv series, The Office is a very quotable show.

From favorites like:


True fans will love anything that is stamped with a quote or is a prop from a scene from the series, so of course, people are banking off of that. As El Pasoans prepare for 'The Office a Musical Parody' I went through some of the coolest 'The Office' merchandise to create this list of items every true Office fan should own. Well, at least in my opinion.

50 Sticker Pack


Everything needs a little touch of 'The Office' so why not get some stickers to do so? While these stickers are probably random, you get a glimpse of the awesomeness that comes in the sticker pack. Quotes and character faces can be seen in the pack so you can already start dreaming up the places to put them.

Michael Scott Quote Pillow

One of the most quoted lines is now on a pillow. You can welcome all your friends and family into your home with this pillow and let them know just how big of a fan you are.

Surprise Dwight Pillow


If you need to be more subtle about your love for 'The Office' then you need this pillow. You can't deny the power of Dwight Schrute. His presence is so powerful on 'The Office,' you might start fearing Dwight around you at random moments. That is when this pillow comes in handy. You can either keep it all black or you can push down the sequins to reveal a stern Dwight face. True Dwight fans must own this one.

Prison Mike Keychain


Probably one of the most memorable Michael Scott characters is Prison Mike. I have seen this keychain making its rounds on social media and some have even confused it for people's boyfriends. Get it for yourself or the person in your life who needs a prison Mike.