There is nothing worse than having big trash that you need to get rid of. Household garbage that you can fit in your blue or gray bins is easy enough to get rid of, but what if you have a mattress you need to toss? Later this month, you can get rid of it during the Great American Cleanup. It's spring - time to do some spring cleaning and this is the easiest way to properly get rid of it.

El Paso's Environmental Services Department, Streets and Maintenance Department, and local neighborhood associations will all be working together to educate all of us about the proper disposal of waste. There will be 25 cleanup sites all over El Paso that will a roll-off trash dumpster where you can dispose of extra trash as well as large or bulky items.

You can dump these items:
·Yard waste

You CANNOT dump these items:
·Household hazardous waste materials (paint, motor oil, and chemicals)
·Batteries of any kind
·E-waste (cell phones, appliances, computers, etc.)

If you have any of those items, you can take them to any of the City’s five Citizen Collection Stations:
Northeast: 4501 Hondo Pass
Central: 2492 Harrison
Westside: 121 Atlantic
Eastside: 1034 Pendale
Eastside: 3510 Confederate

If you need more information about what is and isn't allowed in the dumpsters, or what you can and cannot throw away at the Citizen Collection Stations, you can call (915) 212-6000. Take advantage of these solutions to getting rid of your unwanted trash. It's so much better than seeing it clutter up your house or garage and it's definitely better than dumping it somewhere you shouldn't. It's spring - time to do some spring cleaning and

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