With the weather turning warmer your thoughts are probably turning to getting out in your garden and sprucing things up after our ridiculously short winter. Time to pull weeds, prune the stuff that needs to be cut back, and generally get things ready to roast in the summer sun. You might also want to fix up the inside of your house with a fresh coat of paint or two, but all this fixing and refreshing comes at a cost, right? Wrong.

The City of El Paso Environmental Services Department has free paint that anyone can pick up at their Citizen Collection Stations. They take old paint that is donated by El Pasoans and then blend them to create new colors. It's a great way for you to get rid of old paint because someone can use it and it will stay out of our local landfill. The used paint is distributed in 5-gallon containers and available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the collection sites. Check out the EPESD website for more info.

Close-up side view of trays of coloured paint and paint rollers

If you need mulch you can also get that year-round at the Citizen Collection Stations. You can use it as a ground cover to protect the soil in your garden and inhibit weed growth. Mulch might not cost a lot of money but when you're able to get something like that for free, why wouldn't you? Mulch from the City's Environmental Services Department is free to the general public. You can call (915) 212-6000 for more information about getting free mulch from the City.

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